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Chinesische AV-Amps (MultiChannel-"Reiskocher")

Fragen und Antworten zu Nubert Boxensets im Surround-Betrieb

Chinesische AV-Amps (MultiChannel-"Reiskocher")

Beitragvon PhyshBourne » Do 16. Sep 2004, 13:24

Moin, moin !

Okay, probier' ich's 'mal so 'rum.
Ich bin ja jetzt mit dem Korsun auf'n Geschmack gekommen und hab' 'mal 'n bisschen im Netz gestöbert und in einem schwedischen Forum (http://www.prisjakt.nu/forum/index.php?showtopic=68600 und http://www.prisjakt.nu/forum/index.php?showtopic=71740) bin ich über einen Thread über chinesische AV-Amps gestolpert.
Nein, ich kann kein schwedisch, aber ein paar interessante englische Passagen haben mich veranlaßt, 'mal weiterzuforschen.
Folgene eMail hat mich von COEM-audio erreicht ('mal seh'n, was von cattylink kommt):

We are #1 hifi dealer in H.K. and China. Usually price less 70%. We ship worldwide. Europe is a Galapagos market dominating by 2nd class chinese products. We are introducing the fierce animals to sweep off those non-competitive ones by presenting Kings of chinese product: Original CDP; Classic Amp; Nanjidu speakers that beat the MBL; LongYu invention non-inductance power filter. DOGE amps from ex-chief-engineer of Jolida; rosevoix relabelled accessories. (Mingda restructures recently and the new improved version of MC3008AB is back to market now!!!)
NOTICE: This e-mail contains confidential price infos; any disclosure in PUBLIC is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Thank you for maintaining a harmony between offical and grey import market so that we can supply you cheap products on a long term basis. www.avbuzz.com/shop/coem/Coem.htm

Große Worte, aber einiges an Infos:
AV amps
Spark 1205.1A $XXX
Pure amplification. 5X150 watts. never go out of style. Because no decoding system. You are buying only the amplification part.
five huge round transformers
Seeker AI70
The best AV amp under USD1000 and this is the only AV amp from china that has won the national award.
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ for translations of the websites
http://www.sendsound.cn/changping/produ ... AllProduct
http://www.sendsound.cn/changping/produ ... oductid=50

Seeker AI-70
Product information
Overall introduction that
u sound has at present promoted the AI70 multi- sound tracks intelligence control center, it connects rails with international most newly most state-of-art multi- sound tracks SACD and the DVD-A video and music development tidal current, may simultaneously realize you the entertainment demand which moves the movie theater and the music hall goes home enjoys.
The AI70 multi- sound tracks intelligence control center has utilized the Japanese NORITAKE Corporation giant four line of Chinese and English lattice screen, to is extremely luxurious for the person, the HI-TECH impression. On the heart spot needed materials, it used the CRYSTAL Corporation numeral volume "E-VOLUME" the CS3310 chip, the 192K D/A switch, the 16BIT central processor (each second has been allowed to process 1 million instructions) the equipollent magnitude primary device. The AI70 multi- sound tracks intelligence control center has utilized the brand-new generation of DOLBY/DTS numeral decoding chip, builds 360 which 6.1 sound tracks brings to shock the surrounding sound effect.
The AI70 multi- sound tracks intelligence control center the similar product intellectualization standard will promote to a brand-new boundary. It provides the entire journey WINDOWS operation contact surface, the unique on-line help system, the man-machine dialogue links up entire ?ªý?. This machines and tools have the self-service type intelligence "EASY TOUCH" to pass the function key, may with ease the commonly used function which likes own establish on the kneading board, may HI-FI, the theater condition and the expert which adjusts establishes uses "EASY TOUCH" to pass the function key to save on the kneading board. In addition, this machine realized the opening machine automatic scan input tonic train signalling, the automatic selection input channel, the emperor imperial throne establishment, the intelligent sound box has matched the establishment, the maximum volume limit, the opening machine initial volume establishment, high nurtures the divine or pristine element within oneself the condition demonstration immediate supply voltage, the automatic pass machine function and so on.

RMS output: 8 ohms 1% total harmonic distortion condition 145 tiles X6
Frequency response
Nonstop: 6HZ-60KHZ
Decoding; 20HZ-20KHZ
Overweight bass; 10HZ-120HZ
Total harmonic distortion; Is not bigger than 0.01%
Signal to noise ratio; 83 decibels
Degree of dissociation; Double provincial road \ Du compares digital \DTS; Is not smaller than 50 decibels
Du compares the directional logic: Is not smaller than 40 decibels
Input sensitivity: Analog input 180 millivolt /47 thousand ohms
Biggest input level: The simulation audio frequency is not bigger than 3 volts (RMS)
The nonstop condition, the signal to noise ratio is 90 decibels, A counts the power. 6.1 sound tracks decode when is 83 decibels
The newest A170 merit puts

these are of the similar class compare to the performance of AI-70
Yamaha 2040
yamaha X1
Denon A11SR
Onkyo 898

this AI-70 can survive the national expo of AUDIOPHILE ...NOT AV))))
these demanding judges never compromise to quality.

It is no kidding and no means of good luck to get the national award.
(perhaps there are full English panel display but there is no English user's manual )

Overall introduction that, AI60 $XXX

Because specialized, therefore is better
In January, 2000, relies on the formidable manufacturing capacity and the technology accumulates, Huipu company started an ambitious plan. The company does not hesitate the large sum of money, invited one batch from world each place in the audio frequency amplification technology the attainments deep outstanding person, and the investment large amount fund has established the intelligence audio frequency amplification engineering research laboratory.
The laboratory outstanding people receive the technical humanist humanities spirit, the most state-of-art intelligent science and technology will expend with the most universal populace rubs synthesizes a body, has realized the most complex science and technology and the simplest use organic unification. After the nearly two years research, the laboratory promoted the first section intelligence audioamplifier ¡Ld¡Ld to think wonderfully (Seeker) AI70. This section named artificial intelligence amplifier has achieved and the international synchronized level in following three aspects, namely technical specialization, function intellectualization and operation human nature. Unfolds in 2,002 gardens take it as the lead "the Chinese for the first time multi- sound tracks SACD demonstration meeting" on, AI70 has obtained the huge success.

The operation is similar to the handset general to be simple
The most state-of-art science and technology often can encounter the ordinary consumer in the civil process to operate on the question, thus causes the defeat. Thinks the wonderful researcher in the triturating, persisted the technical humanist spirit, proposed "the operation is similar to the handset is ordinary" the idea, the most state-of-art intelligent science and technology will apply each detail, the greatest degree has realized the operation simplification, thus will let most state-of-art video and music science and technology and between the ordinary consumer no longer has the barrier, will use handily, will have one's wish.

Stands high, looks far
Thinks wonderfully devotes to provides for China's video and music amateurs with the international video and music tidal current synchronization intelligence audio power amplifier. The laboratory outstanding people close attention international newest video and music technological development direction, take Multi-channel SACD and DVD-Audio as a breach, makes Chinese with all one's strength multi- sound tracks HI - the FI system.
The laboratory members realize, is more and more high along with the people to the video and music entertainment quality request, the sound will be able to become determines the final outcome the market key to be at. Therefore before, in thinks the wonderful each model product promotes, the good sound has become the only examination standard.

The science and technology lights the life the fervor
In the city life people, in material life rich today, the spiritual life request also more and more are unceasingly high. The video and music entertainment took the metropolis person ordinariest one kind of spirit entertainment and the leisure way, its important nature is not allow to neglect. Thinks wonderfully devotes to makes with the international synchronized video and music tidal current, by its formidable technical strength, lets the perfect video and music experience light the metropolis each person's life fervor.
AI60, inside and outside concurrently repairs, smiles the arrogant rivers and lakes
The science and technology, lets you have one's wish.
Entire Chinese screen menu demonstration
The Chinese and English operate the on-line help function
Intelligent opening machine automatic detection input signal function
According to input signal form automatic selection optimization pattern broadcast
Human nature volume ²H¤J function
Intelligence volume control
Six channels relative levels adjustment function
Falls the electricity memory function, avoids the repetition establishment the worry

Plays with all one's heart, I have my style.
Consummation sound box establishment management
May adjust the digital time delay
Convenience practical fixed time closing machine function
High performance entire numeral Kara OK many parameters establish at will for the user
At night pattern function
Sound track trimming
Emperor seat function

AI60 has Dolby, Pro Logic, DTS, audio decoding function and so on DTS Digital Surround, PCM, can correspond DVD and the CD audio frequency output .The specialized Kara OK function,
RMS output: 145W/4 ohm 1%THD
Frequency response
Nonstop: 5Hz-44Khz
Decoding: 20Hz-20KHz
Overweight bass: 5Hz-180Hz
Total harmonic distortion: <= 0.01%
The signal to noise ratio (goes nonstop to): >= 83dB
Degree of dissociation
The double sound track, Du compare the numeral and the dts condition: >= 50dB
Du compares the directional logic: >= 40dB
Input sensitivity
Analog input: 200mV/47K ohms
Biggest input level
Simulation audio frequency: >= 3Vrms
Video frequency: >= 1.5Vp-p
Note tuning scope
Main sound track balanced frequency spot: +-10dB
Kara OK treble: 7KHz +-10dB
Bass: 50Hz +-10dB

Shengya / Vincent
http://www.shengya-audio.com/main1en.htm for long spectrum of av products
Jungson luxurious AV products


AV amp
* http://www.korsun.com.cn/index_products_d9.htm
* D9 multi- sound tracks power amplifier

D9 is the multi- sound tracks power amplifier which Ke Songzui newly develops

This amplifier is suitable to replays the high quality SACD, the DVD-Audio multi- sound tracks music and 2 sound tracks stereo sounds music, simultaneously also is suitable for the high-level 5.1 sound tracks video and music system. In order to enable D9 lasting, widely to be suitable for each kind of form 5.1 sound tracks audio frequency replay, complied with in the number pronunciation source sets at the decoding popularization, the D9 design decidedly gets rid has been now used by the overwhelming majority AV amplifier to attribute follows close on the tidal current the special form digital audio frequency decoding, machine the internal circuit to is being completely specially precise, linearly the processing simulation audio frequency and the video signal as well as to the speaker good control and the actuation.
In the D9 product includes 5 quite same not less than high performances power amplifier unit, was adapts SACD, the DVD-Audio frequency sound specification, D9 has used the unique design wideband power amplifier electric circuit, this electric circuit power frequency sound width reached 100KHz, it was Ke Song in the success product foundation, for perfectly displayed SACD, the after level electric circuit which the DVD-Audio infinite broad wonderful overtone but brand-new designed. Obviously has to the ordinary multi- sound tracks product do not be, the tan oak praises does not compromise in the D9 output stage persisted the high cost multibarreled is parallel, various sound tracks independent direct current power supply way, under the abundant electrical power system support, the D9 each sound track after level output reaches as high as 120W and reduces half when the loaded impedance maintains approaches doubles the increase output ability, demonstrates the high-quality amplifier important intrinsic special characteristic. After newest design D9 the level the progress which in aspect and so on timbre harmony, nature, balance obtains, also quietly had reflected the tan oak praises the amplifier in the timbre orientation the positive change which occurs. While convenient needs to point out, the D9 performance outstanding outside dew type radiator, after is 5 sound tracks high efficiency ??the time steady work reliable safeguard, it possibly also is until now Ke Song in the single plane the needed materials heaviest radiator.
The D9 front level system including 6 volume controls precise synchronization independent sound track, center sets at, postpositioned, the ultra bass sound track is opposite to the pretage sound track volume, around sound track about balances can independently perform in the certain scope to adjust, the correlation value automatically is preserved to the D9 user database, each time opens the machine-hour automatic transfer. The D9 front level also has the extremely effective bass management system management system, when stereo sound replay may use the ultra woofer to make up the small speaker in the low frequency aspect disappointment.
The D9 signal port establishment practical, is reasonable, the audio frequency aspect idea has 10 groups of three-dimensional source input ports, 2 groups of 5.1 sound tracks inputs port, 2 groups of stereo sounds line output port; The video frequency aspect idea has 4 groups of compound video frequencies (Video) and the super video input port, 2 groups of components video frequency (Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) inputs the port, 2 groups of compound video frequencies (Video) and the super video output port, 1 group of components video frequency (Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) outputs the port, these ports may satisfy the high-level seeing and hearing amateur's system disposition request. In the function establishment aspect, the D9 design strengthened "humanist" the basic idea, on the kneading board only supposes most commonly used holds controls and demonstrates the function, regarding the static sound level, the volume change characteristic, various ports gain initialization and so on the non- commonly used function, has entered the establishment menu with the average per household passable remote control to perform to establish, maximum limit has provided comfortably, the friendly man-machine operation contact surface for the user, causes D9 to hold controls has like traditional stereo sound merit putting convenient and easy Harasses, the low distortion, the 10MHz band width video channel with the low string completes to the compound video frequency (Video), the super video frequency (S-Video) the signal cut, the assignment and the impedance matching, after guarantees processing the picture detail undamaged, brightness rank precisely, the color return to original state is accurate; With wideband passive way realization to high quality component video signal (Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) the cut to thoroughly ceases the signal the nonlinear distortion, all manifested D9 the video frequency unit similarly to give highly to take.
The heavyweight D9 with body weight surpass 26 kilograms, the user definitely may feel this is in aspect and so on design idea, technological level, needed materials standard with with the multi- sound tracks amplifier which the factory high-level stereo sound amplifier inherits, is "listens respectfully" designs
Frequency response
5Hz ~ 100KHz (-3dB)
Signal to noise ratio
>= 96dB (2V, A counts power)
Maximum output voltage
>= 12Vrms (THD+N <= 0. 1%,1KHz)
Nonlinear distortion
<= 0.1% (20Hz ~ 20KHz, 2V)
Voltage gain
30dB +-0.5dB (1KHz)
Rating continuously output
(Non- linear distortion <= 0.1%)
130W@8 Omega (each sound track) (non- linear distortion <= 0.1%)
2 x 120W@8 Omega (stereo sound),
2 x 200W@4 Omega (stereo sound)
Frequency response
5Hz ~ 100KHz (-3dB)
Nonlinear distortion
<= 0.1% (20 ~ 20KHz, 120W, 8 Omega)

>= 50@1KHz/8 Omega
Signal to noise ratio
>= 100dB (A counts power)
power source
AC220V (+-10%) 50/60Hz 1200W (MAX)
434mm (W) x 195mm (H) x 420mm (D)

class-A 6 channel digital cinema (decoding & karaoke remote microphone)
53.0 kg
class-A 6 channel digital cinema (karaoke remote microphone/without decoding)
class-A 6 channel digital cinema (no karaoke/ with decoding)
class-A 6 channel digital cinema (no karaoke no decoding)

http://www.hdlt.com/web_htm/product/product_2.htm the Chinese alternative for Krell.
Main sound track output: 2 x 80W (1kHz 8 Omega)
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+-1.5dB)
Harmonic distortion: <= 0.066% (1kHz)
Center sets at the sound track output: 2 x 80W (1kHz 8 Omega) frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+-1.5dB)
Harmonic distortion: <= 0.3% (1kHz)
Surrounds the sound track output: 2¡Ñ80W (1kHz 8 Omega) frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+-1.5dB)
Harmonic distortion: <= 0.3% (1kHz)
Main sound track output: 2¡Ñ80W (1kHz 8 Omega)
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz (+-1.5dB)
Harmonic distortion: <= 0.066% (1kHz)
Signal to noise ratio: >= 85dB (A counts power)
Input impedance: 100k Omega
Output impedance: 4-16 Omega
Treble adjustment: +-10dB
Bass adjustment: +-10dB
Digital Kara OK are partial
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz
Delay time: 60ms, 130ms, 200ms
May adjust the reverberation time: 0 ~ 7 seconds continuously may move
Supply voltage: ~ 220V +-10% (50Hz)
Net weight: 48kg
Outlook size: 400mm x 525mm x 270mm
http://www.hdlt.com/web_htm/product/product_2.htm for jungson items

JungSon AV-899 Class-A, 6.1-Channel Digital Theatre Power Amplifier
JungSon AV-899 has been one of the most welcome AV amplifiers in China and won the most privileged awards at the 7th Chinese National Hi Fi and AV Exhibition in 2002 (see www.av-world.com.cn).
Due to its pure Class-A circuit design, the AV-899 is a multi-function AV amplifier and can be used as either a 6.1-channel home theatre AV amplifier to experience spectacular sound effects of movies, or a Class-A Hi Fi amplifier with the two main channels to enjoy pure Class-A sweet music. The AV-899 has built-in decoding functions of DTS, Dolby Digital EX 6.1, PCM, Dolby Prologic; and can send signals to the 6 Class-A amplifiers to produce stunning real sound effects and imagines. Thus, the system is an ideal amplifier for both audio and video entertainments.
¡E Power output: 6 x 80W (1 kHz, 8 ohm) of Class-A power output for each of the six channels; allow you to enjoy the typical sweet and gorgeous sound from the Class-A amplifiers, which is not obtainable from ordinary AV amplifiers. Net:27 KG
¡E Built-in powerful decoding functions on DOLBY PROLOG
IC, DOLBY DIGIT, EX 6.1, DTS and PCM formats bring you the most overwhelming sound effects in your home theatre.
¡E Eight 3D surround modes, including music hall, cinema, stadium, etc.
¡E Built-in microcomputer control system enables easy function selections by a "Single-Button-Control" switch on the front panel, or a remote control.
¡E Double digital karaoke function: Employ advantage karaoke IC chips to enhance effects and reduce distortion. Once a microphone is inserted into the unit, the microphone auto-detect function immediately displays microphone indicator and begins to play karaoke.
¡E Audio/video inputs: 3 RCA, 1 optical, 2 coaxial
¡E Fully Auto protection function: As soon as a short-circuits occurs from any speaker connections, the system protect function will be immediately activated to shut down the system, and "PROTECTION" will appear on the display. After removing the short-circuit and turn on the power again, the system will automatically return to normal operation.

to compare:
the sonic performance of D9 is the smoothest of the nominate and it has a higher inclination to perform like a HIFI sound than AV sound.The second best is AI70 and the 1205.1A is comparatively more AV .

For convenience it is the advantage of the AI70 with full function decoding ability and 6 channel compatible.
So it seems that the comparison is up to the present component the consumer already have. There is no winner but different taste and need

So the final conclusion
If I have big budget I shall go for av1000...even good for Pure music
If I want a good smooth and sweet sound for hifi performance I will go for D9 (no decoding)
If I want a cheap budget and powerful performance I shall go for 1205.1A (can be bridged to two channel of huge output)
If I want convenience and overall balanced choice than I will pick AI70 (but no English manual)

Sept 2004
same look as 88D
This model is new ...when my operational manager first test run it in the shop, he hurried to call me in the telephone: wow it is measuring up to the performance of the renowned Classic 6.6...this is remarkable as an AV amplifier


Was denkt ihr darüber?


Zuletzt geändert von PhyshBourne am Do 16. Sep 2004, 19:35, insgesamt 2-mal geändert.
G-ttes sind Wogen und Wind, aber Segel und Steuer, dass ihr den Hafen gewinnt, sind euer! (Johannes Kinau, AKA "Gorch Fock")

Beitragvon Ekkehart » Do 16. Sep 2004, 13:54

Hi Phish,

den D1205-1A gibt es auch hier


Überlegungen zu Surround

Beitragvon PhyshBourne » So 19. Sep 2004, 10:13

Moin, moin !

Ein Verkäufer, den ich befragte, schrieb u.a. folgendes:

... die Tests sind nicht einmal das Papier wert, auf dem sie geschrieben sind.
Tests kosten sehr viel Geld, es gibt daher auch keine "negativen" Tests.
Ein "Test" ist immer eine getarnte Produktwerbung.
Ich besuche regelmäßig die Hifiläden in München und ich gehe immer wieder enttäuscht nach Hause.
Mich interessieren keine Punktzahlen.
Ich treffe meine persönliche Entscheidung nach Gehör.
Taub würde ich nichts kaufen, schon gar nicht aus China.
Dass die Chinesen einen Surroundreceiver hervorbringen, der besser sein soll als der Sony oder Yamaha, glaube ich erst, wenn ich ihn selber gehört habe.

Zur Problematik:
Es gibt kein klanglich "hochauflösendes" Medium für Surround.
Es handelt sich bestenfalls um MP3-Qualität.
Das einzige was wichtig ist, ist dass die Effekte gescheit "einschlagen".
Von diesen Effekten lebt der ganze Film.
Surround macht nicht die tolle Auflösung aus, sondern die Action.
Wichtig ist dabei nur, dass man die Lautsprecher nicht "direkt" orten kann, sondern dass ein konfuses Klangbild entsteht, welches den Zuschauer förmlich einhüllt.
Der Yamaha mit seinen guten DSP-Programmen kann dabei helfen, auch bei für Heimkino nicht so gut geeigneten Lautsprechern etwas mehr Raumeindruck zu vermitteln.

Any comments?



Beitragvon raw » So 19. Sep 2004, 10:23

Hi Phish,
Any comments?

Ich finde die Aussagen von dem besagten Verkäufer sehr pauschal! Wie kommt er auf solche Argumente?

Es gibt kein klanglich "hochauflösendes" Medium für Surround.
Es handelt sich bestenfalls um MP3-Qualität.

Besonders das sollte er physikalisch (und klanglich ;)) mal erläutern!!! :?

Beitragvon burki » So 19. Sep 2004, 10:34

Hi Phish,
was soll man zu solch einer Meinung sagen ?
Klar existieren "hochaufloesende" Mehrkanalmedien (eben z.B. die DVD-A oder SACD und fuer den Filmbereich waere durchaus dts 96/24 einsetzbar).
Persoenlich schaetze ich das Potential von DD oder dts wesentlich hoeher ein als der zitierte "Verkaeufer" und zudem disqualifiziert er sich IMHO durch Aussagen wie
Der Yamaha mit seinen guten DSP-Programmen kann dabei helfen, auch bei für Heimkino nicht so gut geeigneten Lautsprechern etwas mehr Raumeindruck zu vermitteln.

Was die Chinesen auf den Markt bringen, ist ja schoen und gut (eben mehr oder minder gut gecloned), doch (meine Erfahrung z.B. mit Vincent) qualitativ nicht unbedingt auf "hoechstem Niveau".
Beachte auch, dass heutige AV-Vorstufen ganz entscheidend vom Softwareentwickler mitgepraegt wird, d.h. die Geraete haben mit dem "guten alten Analoggeraet" (welches eh zumeist mit einer Technik bestueckt ist, die schon zig Jahrzehnte auf deb Buckel hat) nicht so viel gemein.
Auch renomierte Firmen haben im Mehrkanalbereich z.T. dermassen miese Produkte auf den Markt gebracht (z.B. frueher Parasound), dass ich (zum x-ten male) nur wieder anraten kann, nicht die Katze im Sack zu kaufen und tatsaechlich keinerlei Versprechungen oder Tests (kann mich noch gut an den "Audio-Test" der Lexicon MC-8 erinnern, bei dem das Geraet offensichtlich nur fuer's Foto ausgepackt wurde) Glauben zu schenken ...

Beitragvon roonie » Mi 1. Dez 2004, 08:23

Moin Leutz,

gibts was neues aus dem Bereich vom Korsun D9 oder dergl. zu berichten?

[size=75]5.1 | nuWave 125.CS-65.DS-55.AW-75 | Korsun V8i | PS3 | ... ||[/size]

Beitragvon Panther » So 5. Dez 2004, 17:28


also ich kann momentan nur berichten, dass ich die Vorverstärkerplatine vom D9 ausgebaut und zum Test/zur Reparatur nach Hongkong gesandt habe. Mal sehen, was dabei rauskommt.

Leider funktioniert die Trackingfunktion der Post nicht, deshalb habe ich keine Ahnung, wo die Platine gerade herumgurkt. Naja, ich habe das Ding dermaßen hoch versichert, dass die Post sie auch gerne verschlampen darf. :D

Gut Ding will Weile haben...


JungSon Impression II -> Lyngdorf DPA-1 -> Adam Tensor Alpha (vollaktiv)

Beitragvon roonie » So 5. Dez 2004, 22:42

Na, da bin ich ja mal gespannt!
Mußt unbedingt von berichten!

[size=75]5.1 | nuWave 125.CS-65.DS-55.AW-75 | Korsun V8i | PS3 | ... ||[/size]

Beitragvon Amperlite » So 5. Dez 2004, 23:48

Panther hat geschrieben:also ich kann momentan nur berichten, dass ich die Vorverstärkerplatine vom D9 ausgebaut und zum Test/zur Reparatur nach Hongkong gesandt habe.

Weißt du, was kaputt ist ?
(klar, dumme Frage, wenn du es genau wüsstest, müsstest du sie nicht wegschicken...)
Raumakustik ist ein Schwein!

Beitragvon Panther » Do 9. Dez 2004, 09:28

Amperlite hat geschrieben:Weißt du, was kaputt ist ?


leider kann ich nur vermuten, dass der Fehler auf der Vorverstärkerplatine sitzt, da ich weder tatsächlichen Reparatursachverstand noch die nötige Messausrüstung habe. Aber nachdem man die Endstufen auftrennen kann und das Rauschen danach verschwunden war, gehe ich davon aus, dass es der Preamp ist.

Ein örtlicher Reparaturbetrieb, den ich angefragt hatte, sah sich außerstande, die Rauschursache zu finden. Da habe ich schon gestaunt: Die brauchen aunscheinend keine Aufträge. Ein anderer Betrieb hat mich auf die Zeit nach dem Weihnachtsgeschäft vertröstet und mir empfohlen, die Platine einzusenden, wenn mein Händler mitspielt. Und nachdem mir mein Händler mehrfach angeboten hat, das zu tun, habe ich es nun gewagt.

Leider existieren - gemäß fachlicher Auskunft - mehrere mögliche Fehlerquellen:
- der Soundchip (auf dem Preamp-Modul)
- die Verkabelung (Masse?)
- das Netzteil
- geringwertige oder defekte Bauteile
- ungünstiges Platinenlayout
- ...

Wir werden sehen. Zuerst brauche ich jetzt einmal die Bestätigung, dass die Platine beim Händler eingegangen ist. Dann muss er mir sagen, wie es weitergeht. Weihnachtsferien werden die in der Fabrik bei Korsun ja hoffentlich nicht machen. Und dann muss ich irgendwann eine getestete Platine zurückbekommen.

Also Aufwand und Nervenkrieg ist das irgendwie schon. Nichts für faule und nervenschwache Konsumenten. Die sollten wohl doch lieber beim Händler um die Ecke kaufen. Nur dass der leider keinen Korsun D9 führt. :lol:


JungSon Impression II -> Lyngdorf DPA-1 -> Adam Tensor Alpha (vollaktiv)


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